* In The Name Of God The Merciful *
Who are we? We are  ambitious young German university students
creative in different areas and Distinguished existence skills integrated
with each other that will live up to provide the best level of services for students
to achieve their educational level is distinctive and have a leading
role in the advancement of the homeland.

Our objective :

The first objective :
promoting the level of educational attainment of students through ...
1 - provide summaries and explanations  that will relieve and assist the student in the study.
2 - Provision of new electronic books and approved for different curriculum.

The second objective :
to provide services for new students and those services are to introduce students a university environment, and to do guidance.

The third objective :
the establishment of national celebrations and events, religious and managed seamlessly.

The fourth objective: to carry out activities that would strengthen the social ties between students on the one hand, and universities on the other .